The Water Cycle

How Our Water is Treated

At Home

How You Can Help

Every resident in Tamworth can help with water conservation. It’s important to observe water restrictions when they’re in effect. For example, you can have shorter showers, water gardens in the evening and make sure you turn off taps completely. However, the most effective water conservation measure can be put in place long before water restrictions are necessary.

As we learned in “The Home” section, we can reduce our water use by installing water saving devices such asĀ  aerators on taps, grey-water systems, water tanks and drip irrigation. We can also reduce our outdoor water use with shade, alternate ground-covers and drought resistant native plants.

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How much of earth's water is fresh?

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What type of climate does Tamworth Region have?

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What is the aim of a water treatment plant?

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What are the options other than lawn for an outdoor area called?

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How much water does a modern dual flush toilet use for a half flush?

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What do we use to filter our water?

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Why should we use alternative ground covers?

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What uses the most water in the kitchen?

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What is an NWELSS label?

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What is the role of a clarifier in water treatment?

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